One click for civil document all over the world ! Core of World Trade BM Korea will make it!

Main services We are added our major Services

  • Civil document Issuance

    Agency issuance for 150 kinds of domestic civil documents and 4,000 kinds of overseas civil documents.
  • Translation

    English / Chinese / Japanese / German / Russian / Spanish / French and other world languages translation.
  • Notarization

    In order for administrative documents to be used internationally, translation and notarization are required.
  • Legalization

    In order to submit a document to another country, it must go through the [Legalization]-Apostille or Consular confirmation.
  • Embassy Certification

    Civil documents verified by [Consular Confirmation] will be finalized at the embassy where the documents will be used.
  • International delivery

    World’s First! One-stop civil document agent service 「BDMW」 of Allminwon realizes door to door service.

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